Moncler is a brand born in winter, shaped by winter - and which naturally loves winter. The Moncler logo is lasered onto the rollercoaster, while the smaller "tri - con" buckle lives inside the down jackets, where it secures straps you can use to wear it Moncler Sale on your shoulders, backpack - style, if you get too hot.

I think it's interesting what can come out of obstacles that are put in front of you. Disney was just super - fun to work with. "Formula One' is the name of the game, or sport, for Fall 2012 at Moncler Gamme Bleu. The seasonal mash - up of fashion and sport, from the mind of the equally preppy and perverse Thom Browne, never fails to deliver a dissertation - worthy dissection of the imagery and uniforms associated with a particular athletic endeavor.

Update your wardrobe with lighter layers for long walks or back garden lounging with hoodies, polos, shorts and more. During an intense boom - boom - boom of collection viewings almost as remorseless as the techno that DJ Pandora's jukebox was playing outside, Will Smith rolled up (and shook my hand!) as we were talking to Moncler's mastermind Remo Ruffini in a room designed to look like Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey and created to shoot the fabulous Richard Quinn collection (number 8).

"It can be used in lots of different things - it's like nylon. I remember being 14 and washing dirty dishes for two months at my first job to save up enough money to buy an on - sale Moncler T - shirt, because my best friend owned a few of the brand's puffers and I saw how people approved of him.