Two years after the release of World of Warcraft Classic, which is strictly faithful to the original game, it seems unreasonable to re-release an expansion for this game. Today, 14 years later, Ion Hazzikostas, the game director of World of Warcraft, briefly explained his views on the game itself and new expansions.

Before the official release of Burning Crusade, they chose to add pre-patches to the game, so that more players can prepare in advance and welcome the arrival of TBC Classic. The entire development team was very busy during that period because they were also developing new major patches for the retail World of Warcraft. But even so, as a part of World of Warcraft Classic, they still want to Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold work hard to make Burning Crusade Classic well. This is still the first expansion of the game after its re-release.

At the same time, Hazzikostas also mentioned that at that time they had actually completed the most difficult part of Burning Crusade Classic. If this part is not adjusted, many players' in-game emails will be lost when the pre-patch is released. When this part was completed, Hazzikostas said that the pressure from the subsequent work was not great.

Hazzikostas was also invited by other game media at the meeting. During the interview, Hazzikostas stated that the reconstruction of Burning Crusade is a relatively large project, and a lot of tedious code work is required to reproduce this process. Fortunately, they know very well that the data in the game is still there, all the quests are valid and the statistics of the creatures are correct. All they need to do is to perform specific code work on these game data so that they can be applied to Burning Crusade's battle formula.

After the most difficult stage, the rest of the error repair work is relatively easy. What worries them most is that the Classic server may crash on the day the TBC Classic pre-patch is released. 

Hazzikostas also said that he is very pleased that members of the game community are willing to give feedback on the problems they encountered during the testing phase.

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