Random Character Invincibility

As Amazon adds more servers to New World, the next major technical glitch that players notice is a strange event related to the character’s invincibility. When players minimize the game screen and drag it around the frame, their characters suddenly become invulnerable. Some players have spent a lot of New World Coins training for their characters, and they are extremely powerful. They can’t beat those who Buy New World Coins.

Amazon again intervened through Patch 1.0.4 to solve the problem. But the player still noticed some strange inconsistencies. Some players will have to accumulate as much wealth as possible in the process of reduction through the barter economy, while it will force other players to find the key to unlimited wealth through the process of duplication to correct mistakes.

Major Chatbox Glitches

Even the most basic game features in New World seem to fall into a permanent alpha-state of development. For example, they have found a simple chat box for players to communicate with each other to be completely breakable. Players can post random HTML codes into the chat box, and huge and bulky images will appear in the box, completely preventing the player from seeing what is happening on the screen.

Players also found that if they hover over a word in the chat box, it will even force them to quit the game. What’s more ridiculous is that when sausages appear in the chat, all players on the entire server can see this farce, and it is still being staged. Besides cooking items, the big yellow box is also used to obscure the player’s vision through mistakes. This may be the most shocking but interesting New World bug to date, and it is also a key reason why New World may never be the best RPG ever. Although Amazon tried to fix the problem in late October, the so-called correction has spawned many other bugs.

These bugs are still affecting the normal experience of players. Many players have begun to feel disappointed with Amazon and New World. But there are still some diehard fans who insist on getting happiness from New World, and buy a lot of New World Coins from IGGM to enhance their roles. Wait and see.