WoW: The second phase of Burning Crusade Classic has lasted for about two months. This article will lead you to understand the number of servers this month.

A well-known thing is that level 70 players can participate in new raid challenges in the game, and since then, the situation of many guilds has fluctuated up and down. So has it affected the endgame statistics in recent weeks? We have some questions about the number of WOW Classic TBC Gold players that appeared in the team log of the ID in the first November and how it compares to the last flight visit in September. How has the number of players changed?

By visiting related websites, we saw that many characters participated in the PVE endgame on different servers, and all the characters that appeared in the TBC endgame content log during a specific time period were recorded. For the sake of comparison, characters recorded in the arena will not be included. The most recent numbers are from the November ID of the first month from November 3 to 10.

In addition, the United States Server Blessing is no longer the largest classic server, it only has 21277 characters to be counted. The European Union server Firemaw has 21,890 characters, making it a leader in the European Union.

Although some servers show considerable growth that will continue, especially in the United States and the English-speaking regions of the European Union. However, since the launch of TBC Classic, the total number of characters has declined for the first time. I believe you may have noticed something in your server environment, such as the activity of your guild, or whether any old friends have temporarily left the game server. There are also people who think that the third stage should start as soon as possible or the second stage can be continued.

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