Since this time, many New World players have begun to worry about the playability of the game. Amazon Game Studio promised players that new New World Gold will gradually enter the game. With the launch of "Into The Void" by New World, this day has finally arrived. The following is a complete list of the latest content updates for New World.

The latest content update includes a glove with the theme "Into The Void" called Void Gauntlet. This new handguard is a damage/support type weapon hybrid that can both help allies and annihilate enemies. In addition, it is the first weapon ever to combine intelligence and concentration at the same time. Like other weapons in New World, Void Gauntlet will have two mastery trees.

Players will get the best experience in the new update. Due to some visual upgrades, exploring New World will be a good experience. It will be much easier for the player to look around. Players who like to conduct missions with PvP enabled have also gained significant gains. PvP players now have an additional 10% lucky reward and 30% collected lucky reward.

The mission of New World will change slightly. In the main task, there will be different dynamics added to the task to improve the player experience. Then a new PvP faction mission was added to provide more variety and avoid duplication. Keep in mind that these changes will require players to re-accept the old tasks. But don't be too frustrated, at least players have more ways to gain experience and New World Gold.

Everything else in the new Into The Void update involves repairs to the combat experience. In addition, some weapons are gaining and weakening to balance the PvP experience. Into The Void is the first official major update of New World, and it is definitely full of many optimizations and upgrades. Amazon Game Studios fulfilled their promise to continuously improve New World. In addition, players can choose IGGM to Buy New World Coins, this store has a Black Friday event from November 23rd to November 30th, players can use code "Thanks" to get 5% OFF.