FIFA 22 is in full swing, and there are players in all positions who have performed very well. This time we focus on those defensive midfielders. Let us see which one ranks first in your mind:

N'Golo Kanti (FIFA 22 Rating: 90): He is one of Chelsea's most important players. He has an extremely outstanding and solid performance in the semifinals and finals of the European Champions League, reflecting his importance in the team. Status, and therefore he FIFA 22 Coins became one of the most outstanding candidates for the "Ballon D'or" award at that time.

Casemiro (FIFA 22 Rating: 89): He has an extremely good performance in defense and grabbing, which is the key to the Royal tactical balance. Therefore, whether in Real Madrid or the Brazil national team, he is the most important as a team The identity of one of the players exists.

Joshua Kimmich (FIFA 22 Rating: 89): He is an indispensable player of the Bayern Munich squad. He can Buy FIFA Coins complement the team at all positions in the team.

Wilfried Andedi (FIFA 22 Rating: 85): He is not only a very important player in Leicester City, but also one of the most outstanding players on the transfer list of major clubs including Real Madrid last season.

Rodrigo (FIFA 22 Rating: 86): He is very adaptable to Pep Guardiola's playing style, so he has become one of the contact players that cannot be ignored or abandoned in his development career.

These five outstanding defensive midfielders, no matter which one you get, can add wings to your team. First of all, you need to have enough FIFA 22 Coins to draw them. If you want to speed up the acquisition of FIFA 22 Coins, you can go to UTnice, which will provide you with sufficient and affordable FIFA 22 Coins.