Take Exalted Orbs that players often buy as an example. Path of Exile orbs are now available in various shapes and sizes, but their prices are almost the same except for the Warlord, Hunter, and Redeemer variants. The basic version of Exalted Orbs is worth 120 Chaos Orbs. Most players attach great importance to Exalted Orb. Most players will not spend them either, and will only use them to purchase ways to enter the META construction. If players want to make their characters more powerful, they can use Exalted Orbs to add new random attributes to rare items.

Another thing worth mentioning is Awakener’s Orb, which is the most precious tool of artisans, because they can use it to copy items, even though the original items will be destroyed. Think of it as a cut-and-paste orb in Path of Exile, but for influential items. But the price of Awakener’s Orb is very expensive. It is worth about 350 Chaos Orbs in the Path of Exile Standard, which is much higher than the value of Exalted Orb.

Maven’s Orb is a more expensive Path of Exile Orb than Awakener’s Orb. The Maven dropped it himself and is one of the ultimate bosses in the 3.14 Atlas extension. Therefore, players need to spend about 2,800 Chaos Orbs through transactions to get Maven’s Orb. But Maven’s Orb is also very suitable for those who want to improve its impact projects.

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