Amazon has begun to ban those who use the techniques of copying objects and gold in New World. Although the company recently clarified that it will allow players to use minimap modules in New World, the company is cracking down on direct cheating. There are many errors in New World, some of them are even serious enough to reach the normal progress of New World. Players expressed their dissatisfaction with how these errors hindered the gaming experience. Some players will use malfunctions to gain an unfair advantage over those who follow the rules and many illegally obtained New World Gold, which is not helpful.

Players who maliciously use bugs used data packet manipulation to copy the New World Gold and resources in the game and mess up the house. Amazon has collectively banned over 1,200 convicted players. The illegal items got by these banned players have also been removed, and it has also cancelled their Amazon New World Coins with the ban. The preliminary ban announced on November 2 eliminated over 80% of the value of cheating coins and items from the economy. It may help attract people who have given up playing New World since its release.

The developers also apologized to any players the exploits may negatively affect whose gaming experience on the economy. As of November 15, they have banned another 460 players, bringing the total percentage of duplicate items removed from the game to 98. They admitted that some deceived items still exist. These players will not be punished for honest mistakes. Players are accustomed to rediscovering repeated failures in New World, so this may not be the last time this problem has occurred.

Amazon hopes to shine in New World. So far, it has done a good job, even though exploits and bugs hinder what might be a great new MMO experience. But if Amazon can continue to improve the game, this dangerous phenomenon will gradually become less and less. Players can also continue to support New World. They can use code “Friday” at IGGM, to buy more cheap New World Coins. Forge ahead.