Players who have spent more than a month in the Path of Exile Scourge League have become accustomed to facing terrible demons and imminent dangers every day. Although they are always surprised, they have earned enough loot from the league, including many rare POE Currency items and orbs. Smarter players have created powerful ways to shape characters.

When the novice players arrived at Wraeclast, a hooded figure appeared from nowhere, was frightened, and asked for their help. The equipment named Blood Crucible will be their most important item next. When they kill the enemy, the blood in the Blood Crucible will fill up. When the amount of blood reaches the threshold, players can activate Blood Crucible to enter another space, which is full of demons and chaotic wars.

Corruption has penetrated into this reality, so if players wander in the space for too long, it will harm them. Players can put items into Blood Crucible to take advantage of this corruption. Once they have absorbed enough corruption, they can change items to get more powerful upgrades. But the role of corruption also has its drawbacks. Players must remember that they can put them back in Blood Crucible up to 3 times, and then try again to get Exalted Orb.

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