In order to harvest this material, players must travel to a river or lake where they will come across some aquatic lifeforms that they can harvest. Here's how to go about it! The information overload experienced by players in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) such as New World can make it difficult to retain any of it, such as the location of specific materials and resources. Fortunately, the game's mechanics are frequently intuitive, allowing those with strong gamer instincts to figure out how to complete certain processes on their own time and without assistance.


Fr example, in order to obtain Fish Oil, New World players will need to travel to a river or lake in order to come across some aquatic lifeforms from which to harvest this resource. However, there are some better places to get Fish Oil than others, as well as one crucial step in getting Fish Oil: obtaining a prescription.



Cooking Oil, the one item created from Fish Oil that has other applications, is an important component in many food items, so players who want to make the best foods will need to stock up on Fish Oil or at the very least purchase some.

Where To Look For Fish

A Fantastic Fishing Spot in Protected Territory

Despite the fact that fishing can be done in a wide variety of locations, there are some locations that produce significantly more aquatic goods than others. A great spot that can be reached relatively early in the morning is by Primrose, west of Windsward Hamlet, because there are plenty of fish to be caught in the nearby riverbed.

How to Go Fishing for the First Time

The location mentioned above is by no means the only great place to fish in the game, and players can easily search for other options. buy New World coins is possible to type Fish into the search bar in the inventory menu, and this will cause fishing spots to appear on the player's map as a result.

Instructions on How to Catch Fish

To catch fish, players will need a Fishing Rod, which can be crafted using the Engineering skill or purchased from a shop. After casting their line into the water and successfully catching a fish, players will be presented with a mini-game that is fairly straightforward, involving the usual tension-related mechanics as well as a little bit of patience.

Learn How to Extract Fish Oil from Fish.

Using Fish Oil to its Full Potential

To obtain Fish Oil, one only needs to select a fish from their inventory after it has been caught and salvage it, which will allow them to break the fish down into a couple of different components. Obtaining Fish Oil is relatively simple.

When salvaging a fish, players will always receive some Fish Filets; however, Fish Oil is a rare by-product of the process and should be avoided if at all possible. Because this is the only method of obtaining Fish Oil, it is essential to improve one's angling abilities in order to obtain large quantities of this material.

What Fish Should You Catch for Fish Oil?

Fish Oil can be obtained from a variety of sources, including common and uncommon fish, as well as sturgeon and swordfish, according to its item information. When looking for this type of material, make sure to target these types of underwater creatures by using the most appropriate bait for the species you're looking for.