New World was released in late September. If you have been playing since then, you may have reached the highest level of the game by now. In high-level Expeditions, it is very important to have a tank in your team. As a tank player, the choice of weapons and your upgrade attributes is very important, because it will determine whether your team can successfully perform the mission and whether you have a chance to survive the battle.

So let's see what effect one of the tanks in New World has to build Sword and Shield/Great axe.

Sword and Shield/Great axe is one of the most popular tank productions in New World, and the effect in PvP is very obvious. You need the Sword and Shield as your main choice, because it can provide you with a balanced defense, and the Great Axe is the second weapon you use that can cause a lot of damage in a short time. When you are in PvP This equipment will New World Coins be able to come in handy when being ambushed by other players in the game. And your secondary Great Axe can achieve very good results by using different abilities to master the same method of building the tree even in PvE.

In this construction, Constitution and Strength are your essential attributes. In order to ensure the stability of your character's health and defense capabilities, you need to start with Constitution, and then choose Strength. To make the most of your weapons, you need to equip heavy armor and specialization to these two attributes.

A proper outfit will greatly enhance the character's survival and combat abilities, but you still need a lot of New World Coins to Cheap New World Coins upgrade them. As we all know, it is very difficult for players to get a lot of New World Coins in the game. So you can choose to buy directly at NewWorldCoins, where the price is very cheap and the delivery is fast, you can get them immediately to improve the defense and attack attributes of your tank.