New World’s recent update has errors again, but it is a great blessing for some players. Because they got a lot of New World Gold Coins because of the mistake. But for those people who did not get New World Coins, their hearts are very unbalanced, so the complaints about Amazon Game Studios have been aggravated. The players who got New World Gold found that they all got the same amount.

According to online whistleblowers, New World’s November patch seems to have compensated some players with 300,000 gold coins. Players have reported these large amounts of charity, and have nothing to do with the declaration of war that the patch’s compensation plan aims to resolve. Amazon Game Studios seems to be still investigating this issue, and those who have not received unexpected rewards hope that Amazon will provide a solution and more detailed information soon. For the time being, the compensation planned to be cancelled in the latest patch has been tapped to provide more New World Coins than expected in a way and should not be given to players of New World Gold.

Amazon Game Studios’s direction is unclear, because the player’s response was either that they received improper compensation, or that they never received any RPG New World Coins when they initially promised to be withdrawn. At this point, there may be a rollback for a more stable version of the game, because the latest New World update has caused problems beyond simple compensation for declaring war. However, many players worry about the progress or the loss of 300,000 Amazon New World Coins due to the developer taking such drastic action to try to correct the error.

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