When rookies cross Path of Exile Wraeclast for the first time, they will encounter corrupted gems. When they see these unique gems for the first time, they may be a little confused, because there are so many types in POE Currency. They can learn all the information about corrupted gems through POECurrency. Players can check the description that appears when they hover the mouse over it. In this panel, players will see information about all gems, as well as the word “corrupted” in bright red letters.

Corrupted Gems with modifiers can improve their quality and strength. If the gem is damaged, players cannot Buy POE Currency to further change it, except for items that change slots and slot links. Corrupted gems are better than uncorrupted gems.

Players who want to get corrupted gems first need a Vaal Orb. This is a currency orb that will corrupt an item. Players can find Vaal Orbs by killing monsters, destroying containers, or dropping from safes. Players who want to use Vaal Orbs need to right-click the orb and then left-click the gem. Doing so will convert the gems into corrupted gems and add some modifiers.

Corrupted Gems have different effects. But there are some risks involved when they use Vaal Orbs. If they want corrupted gems to cause damage based on their level, then they will reduce the amount of damage it causes. Before using these things anyway, players must think clearly. They can also buy more POE Currency Orbs to increase the strength of the role in another way. Try it!