From an economic point of view, Amazon New World has gone through a difficult period. Players have discovered several ways to replicate New World Gold, and the developer has even shut down New World’s economy at least twice. During Thanksgiving, a plan to compensate players for lost New World resulted in huge and unexplainable payments in their accounts, and the studio has switched New World’s EU Server to maintenance mode.

Earlier, a post on the New World forum claimed that over 300,000 gold had been added to the player’s game account. Although other forum users initially thought the post was nonsense, other players reported that members of their company also received huge amounts of gold coins, ranging from 100,000 to 300,000 per person. Soon after, the community manager Tosch issued an announcement saying that central EU servers had entered maintenance mode because the development team was investigating what happened to the accidentally issued New World Gold.

The developers have rolled back the time and corrected the issue, which seems to only affect the Central European region, but they did not estimate the time to deploy the fix. After weeks of gold duplication glitches and other financial oddities in New World, it may take a while for the game economy to Buy New World Coins.

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