New Jordans Release 2021 The closed "Slag Ash 2.0" is 2k! This year so many AJ1s have quietly increased their prices! I can't afford it again! Many players have said that the Air Jordan 1 shoe style is no longer popular. Compared to the previous few years, the market for the take-off of models has indeed cooled down a lot, but the Air Jordan 1 is still the first choice for many players to wear in autumn and winter. The editor recently found out that many Air Jordan 1s this year are really not cheap! Many color schemes that went out of business at the beginning of the sale have quietly risen to the point where they can no longer be bought. And this year's high-priced shoe king is not accidentally the Air Jordan 1. Today, the editor brings a premium Air Jordan 1 market and more color recommendations worth starting.
Washed blue Air Jordan 1, item number: 555088-402. This year, the Air Jordan 1 has a number of color schemes that have continued to close down, but this washed blue color scheme has gained super popularity and stopped the decline of Air Jordan 1. The upper is made of suede material with uneven washing and fading, and the style is exactly the same as the previous high-priced turbo green. At present, it is rare in this year's general Air Jordan 1 to break through 2000+ color schemes.
Grey Air Jordan 1, Item No.: BQ4422-100. The only first year Air Jordan 1 this year is this gray and white color. When Vibe was the hottest, the old first year version of gray and white color matching was a lot of high-play matching choices. This color matching will be re-enacted at this point in time, and it will undoubtedly gain super popularity. However, the market has cooled down recently, and it has stabilized at less than RMB 2,000.
Air Jordan 1 Shadow 2.0, article number: 555088-035. Shadow color matching can always bring us surprises and even surprises. Like the first year Shadow that was re-enacted a few years ago, the initial price has risen from lower than the original price to more than 3,000 yuan. This year, this new black and gray called Shadow 2.0 is also full of stamina. It also closed down at the beginning of the sale, but it has quietly risen to more than 1,800 yuan, and the female code is as high as 2000+.
A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 1, item number: DO7097-100. A Ma Maniére x Air Jordan 3 is the best joint name this year in the hearts of many players, and the upcoming joint Air Jordan 1 is also attracting attention. Continuing the high-standard and high-quality materials, while adding distressed elements, it still meets the requirements of Vibe style. Although it has not been officially launched, the market price has gone straight to 4000, and the transaction volume is not small. Even if the market price may decrease after the launch, it is still extremely difficult to get started.
Lightning barb Air Jordan 1, Item No.: DH3227-105 (high top)/DM7866-140 (low top) If you want to talk about this year's Air Jordan 1, then you have to mention the lightning barb. It is definitely the king of this year's Air Jordan 1. . With the addition of Hiroshi Fujiwara's lightning element, and the small scale of sale, the market price of the high-top version is twice as expensive as the ordinary barb. Not surprisingly, the price of more than 20,000 yuan will aspire to the annual high-priced shoe king. And the price of nearly 10,000 yuan for the low-cut version is also disdainful of the crowd. In fact, in addition to the low top of the lightning barb, this year there are many low top color matching also showed super popularity, and all have a premium, the most expensive as high as 2000+.
Buckle up the Air Jordan 1 Low, item number: CZ0790-801. This year, the white buckle and broken color will usher in the low-top version of the first year shoe shape. Although there is a premium of more than 300 yuan, it is still a lot lower than the market price of the high-end version. Players who want to realize their dreams can consider it. There is a sudden change in the shoe circle, there is no permanent closure and no YYDS. The shoes of true love must be taken decisively.