Last night at the Merseyside derby, Mohammed Salah scored two goals for the team, and as a result, Everton fans left their stadium angrily after the game was about 20 minutes away. As a result, his total number of goals this season has risen to 19. However, most people generally believe that a good striker needs to score at least 20 goals in a season, but Salah will inevitably reach this goal in December. In addition, he will play as a winger against Wolves this Saturday.

In FIFA it means that he will once again get a good card, and this will be his third card this season. As his current state is very good, his data in the game will be improved. In addition, due to his outstanding performance in October, he also won the Player of the Month card. But what is unexpected is that when he was launched in FIFA in October, fans saw Buy FUT 22 Coins that he was downgraded. Originally, he was rated 90 in FIFA 21, but his current rating is only 89.

In the 2019/20 season, Salah scored 23 goals and 13 assists in all competitions, making him a rating of 90 in FIFA 21. Last season, he had 31 goals and 6 assists. In addition, after three FUT 22 Coins and a half months of the 21/22 season, Salah has contributed 26 games. Perhaps EA values ​​the player’s team contribution even more, even though his personal performance is very outstanding, but his rating still dropped by 1 this season.

Even so, Mohammed Salah is still a very promising player in FIFA. If he continues to develop with this performance, his rating will be improved again. So fans who like him are now the best time to buy him. If you don't have enough FIFA 22 Coins, you can buy them directly from UTnice. In addition, the price there is very cheap, and there are various promotions, now you can buy the most FIFA 22 Coins with the least amount of money.