Grinding Gear Games announced it will hold six events at Path of Exile throughout December. Each is free-to-play and will provide a bunch of prizes. Endless Delve starts on December 3 and ends on December 13. It will see the player enter the Azurite Mine, and then a new upgrade experience. So players had better buy POE Currency to strengthen themselves.

Then, from December 10th to 20th, the community streamer Zizaran’s Gauntlet event will return. If players are not familiar with it, it will see participants fighting stronger monsters and bosses than usual to earn points. If you want to win the battle easily, players had better prepare some POE Items to exert greater strength. After that, a new game mode called Endless Heist will be held from December 17th to 27th. It will skip the battle and let players hire thieves to steal goods from various facilities.

Another new event mode called Atlas Invasion will begin on December 24 and will last until January 3. In it, players will encounter map bosses in each area of Wraeclast. From December 31st to January 10th, another new mode Delirium Everywhere will be available. It sees players advancing in increasingly difficult areas, and the number of monsters to be defeated is increasing. Players need to prepare enough POE Orbs to better face these monsters.

Finally, on December 9, 23, and 30, Path of Exile: Royale returns. Once again, the contestants will compete against each other in a shrinking arena. However, Grinding Gear Games has changed slightly this time. When the last few survivors arrive at the center, they will have to contend with Brutus, who will not be loyal and attack anyone who sees it. In order to get better results in these activities, players can buy POE Currency to enhance their strength and challenge themselves better. 

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