According to reliable sources, Path of Exile Scourge league will undergo major changes with the latest patch. A newly Blood Crucible gauge will enter the game, allowing players to access another world, fight against hordes of demons and collect rich loot resources and POE Currency. In order to realize this ideal, every competitive player should go all out.

In the Scourge League, players will get a device called “Blood Crucible” after encountering a mysterious figure fleeing an unknown enemy. Then the player is to fill the blood cauldron with the blood of the enemy. After a certain number of enemies are killed, the device will be activated and it will throw them into a new version of Wraeclast, which is filled with deadly monsters. Players need to collect blood to Buy POE Orbs in this alternative area.

As they kill more of these demons, players will absorb corrupted items that can be placed in the blood cauldron and inject new “Scourged” modifiers into their equipment. These modifiers can be positive or negative. However, players will can further change their equipment, giving them more opportunities to better combine modifiers. The expansion pack also provides a new passive skill tree: players can upgrade this new mechanism through the experience gained by killing the Scourge, which will increase inventory slots and improve transformations as they strive to get new unique items.

Players had better prepare more for future Scourge events. For example, do players dare to ask themselves whether they have thoroughly mastered the knack of playing this mechanism? Without profound knowledge reserves and rich POE Currency, it is impossible to achieve this step. Therefore, they need to find a good place to buy POE Currency and learn more useful information. Try it.