New World has entered its third month, and players are still very dissatisfied with the state of the game, because some game errors and design issues hinder the overall experience. One of the most regrettable issues of the past few weeks is that players are now trying to improve their Gear Score and New World Gold, both of which are necessary to truly enter the endgame. The single player of New World is the most punished person in recent changes.

As a result of Amazon's failure to deal with the problem in time, the population of New World is gradually decreasing, and the magnitude is not small. The historical peak of concurrent New World players on Steam is 913,027, but even during peak hours, this number has dropped to approximately 100,000 active players. At present, many of New World's servers are becoming more and more empty, so that Amazon is considering consolidating servers with a small population.

The main problem with this is that the travel expenses of players who do not share the company faction will rise a lot, which makes it difficult to lead Azoth and Gold consumption. Another problem is that there is a cost for crafting in New World, and the same is true for housing. They may need to spend a lot of New World Gold, and any company can levy high taxes on both for its own benefit.

One of the latest changes in the New World internal economy is that elemental beasts no longer drop Motes when they are harvested, which makes more players feel uneasy. Unless Amazon changes its policies when dealing with nerf and overall experience, MMOs are likely to lose more and more players in the coming months. Currently, IGGM is holding a discount event, players can go there to Buy New World Coins.