While players buy POE Currency totake part in the league actively, Path of Exile will remove content from 5 years ago from the game in the next patch. They are outdated and boring. In the MMO shooting game Destiny 2, the deletion of content often caused criticism, but the deletion of some old content in Path of Exile caused widespread cheers.

In Destiny 2, previously expanded content is now removed from the game periodically: it moved entire areas and story lines to the “Content Library”. Because Destiny 3 hasn’t come yet, otherwise Destiny 2 will be too big and out of range. The development and growth time of online shooting games does not exceed 4 years. Losing content annoys many Destiny 2 players because they say they pay for content but can no longer play. This is happening now in Path of Exile, and it will remove Prophecies in the next new patch. It is said that the 2016 extension now feels outdated and has been replaced by new extensions.

What makes Path of Exile better? Path of Exile does not just delete the content, but organize it. A series of unique POE Items can now be found and completely removed from the game. But it will redistribute other items, players can buy POE Currency to get them or get them in other ways. What reaction differs from Destiny 2, the reaction to changes, is mostly positive. Players seem to agree with the development team’s view that many expansions have become boring. Therefore, players are happy that they no longer need to go through the extended mechanics.

The system in Path of Exile is closely related to the concept of a parasitic system. When the game has added so many new systems to the game over the years that can be used to further improve the player’s character, they can sometimes become annoying. But more players will buy POE Currency to get more fun. 

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