As we all know, there are many fun career options in Path of Exile. Some people who love fighting usually use Duelist, and what makes Duelist popular is not just the praise of the players, the excellent Duelist Builds are also part of its success. Players who use this profession can master a variety of practical offensive skills, and may have more advantages on the chaotic battlefield. We can say that Duelist is a very balanced profession in Path of Exile. And players should also invest POE Orbs into these builds.

Split Arrow Gladiator is the best choice. In heavy physical and bleed damage, they will cause very fatal and terrifying damage to the enemy. It has a quick cleaning speed when dealing with endgame maps is just another benefit of POE Currency. It can also fight the boss very well. If players can use Puncture together, the effect will be better.

Many players consider Ground Slam Impaler to be the best Duelist builds in the game. Terrible damage it does is always attractive to players, and the gems it comes with further enhance it. When players use Ground Slam, Impale, and Shattering Steel to get Call of Steel, the build will further increase the damage. Because of the skill nodes used on surrounding enemies, they can introduce additional piercings. That piercing will be punished for a few seconds is not important, because the players already had the super power to kill most enemies in one blow. As a state that can kill most of the enemies, standing behind it at one time means that it also has a very effective survivability. Useful damage output allows players to have more energy to focus on improving defense.

There are more useful Duelist Builds waiting for players to experience it. Players who want to know more about it can refer to the article about "Duelist Builds" written by POECurrency to learn a lot. And they can also enjoy super discounts on POE Currency Buy in December. Go Fast!