New World has experienced a lot of difficulties since its release. Although the game hasn't died as many people think, it is experiencing some major growth pains. A major source of controversy is the endgame equipment changes implemented by Amaozn. In response to the feedback, the development team explained in detail what measures they were taking to solve these problems and admitted that the team was wrong in the way they handled the problems.

In response to community feedback, the developers posted an update on the official forum to discuss these changes and how they will now be handled. The team began to admit that they were wrong in their handling. In response to these changes, Amazon announced that they will not be exposed to any elaborate equipment, mission loot, or anything purchased from the Faction store using New World Gold.

The Amazon development team talked about the importance of production, because the system does not touch the production equipment, which in turn may have a positive impact on the economy. And Amazon does admit that players who have not yet reached level 60 may feel that New World has become more difficult, although they hope that the new Gypsum currency introduced by the expert system can help offset some of the impact.

In addition to the changes in expertise, New World's first real festival was officially unveiled on PTR, called Winter Convergence Event. This new festival will change the appearance of Aternum and allow players to collect New World Gold of rare and decorative items in the MMO. Or players can also try to New World Coins Buy