The developers of Path of Exile cleaned up the old content constantly. After the Perandus mechanism, it eliminated the next mechanism. It will lose a function that has existed for five years, but the community is happier. Because the developer has revealed that it will remove the league mechanism from the game: Prophecy. In recent years, many players have been quite annoyed. Although many players buy POE Currency to make them easy to complete tasks, there are too many useless Prophecy, and the lucrative Prophecy as a task chain repeatedly requires low-level areas. In the upcoming patch 3.17.0, Prophecy will therefore disappear from the game, just like Perandus in patch 3.16.0.

Remove all changes after the prophecy. The following changes are currently planned, but changes are still possible. Starting from 3.17.0, Silver Coins, Sealed Prophecies, and it will delete Fragments of the Pale Council from players’ inventory and treasure chests the next time they log in. Unique POE Items that were previously only used as part of the prophecy or looted in the battle with the Pale Council will be added to the main game’s loot pool.

GGG believes that there are many unique Destiny Items that are no longer interesting and cannot remain in the main game. Therefore, there are many unique Destiny Items that can only be got by trading with other players, such as Corona Solaris, Crystal Crypt, Death Bells, Deathbringer, Ezomyte Possession, Fortune of the Fox, Gierschreiter, Hrimnor’s Lamentation, etc.

Sometimes, developers have found it useful to keep certain unique Destiny Items in the game. There is no point in keeping the basic version of the unique item. In these cases, although they disabled Unique Fate Items, we changed their respective Base Unique Items to make it feel the same or similar to the old version of Destiny Items. For more information, players can pay attention to the official update announcement, but no matter what changes will happen to the next league, players should POE Items Buy to make adequate preparations for it.