New World is the most successful game launched in Amazon Game history. It shocked the MMORPG scene when it was released in October, and reached the top of the most popular games on Twitch and Steam in the shortest time. Because of the in-game battles and large-scale PvP activities, a large number of players have been added to the game.

But because of excessive repetition and simple game loops and almost no lore, how to get players to participate in this game for a long time has become a current problem for New World. However, within two months of the game's launch, about 90% of the initial player base has been lost.

Initially, the highest number of players in the 24 hours released by New World was 119,000, which is an Cheap New World Coins extremely shocking number, but this is only a small part of the opening week-in fact, 13%. Although it is an inevitable trend that the number of concurrent players will decline after the initial hype of the new game release has subsided, the sharp decline in the number of active players is very abnormal, and this is also a bad news for New World when it came.

There are many reasons why players' interest in Amazon Games products has begun to decline, such as the game’s own technical problems and design flaws. In fact, some New World Coins game bugs have been discovered in the closed beta version, but still appear in the post-release version, which makes the game community players have no hope of Amazon Games' ability to actively repair and improve New World , Which led to the loss of players one after another.

Despite the continuous loss of players, the game is still one of the 10 most commonly played games on Steam, which means that New World has not yet come to an end. Therefore, we hope to improve the prospects of the game in future patches and content additions, so that this game can have a place in the MMORPG market.

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