Kepp is great for healing. I will porbably include exbiltur, firestaff+nature runes mithril grapples as well as the RuneScape Gold saradmoin arrow(saradomin item), 1 free inv space for loot or two, tabs for b2p and about 8 range pots and rest sharks and i will fill my terrobird with monksfishs. How can i alter this?

This is pretty good however you'll end up running out of inventory or time slots for the terrorbird before you get to this it seems like, Maybe you have just monks in your inventory, it seems like the b2p can be used at around 80 defense. However, the terrorbird isn't going to hurt, I'd think, you could play with it.

It's fairly profitable to kill especially with falador shield 4. Or, use a tigerbird and make sure it initiates fight with the mole each single time. What will happen is that the terrorbird will begin to follow in the general direction of the mole, even when it has dug, offering you a fantastic idea which direction it is located.

Additionally , the terrorbird lets you to run infinitely (with the scrolls) which is a massive helm. If you're planning to range, you can use a general ran setup of Dragonhide . You can also add some Prayer or Defence bonuses mixed in (Helm from Nietiznot for example). I think ruby or diamond bolts (e) are the most appropriate to use. When you're fighting whip/chaotic and the ddp/claws. If you're using a melee weapon, wear proselyte armour for preserving the prayer pots, and also use for piety.

To melee, would guthans and a super set be effective? I was just at it with an array set up (rune plate granite shied, or you hide) and it wasn't hitting every time, so i thought that barrows' gloves, guthans and some super sets might be very useful. I'd be able to make more money because i do not use diamonds and food as much?

If you are in a safe area (using the small gap next to the obelisk; the obelisk won't be able to hit you until after it burrows) it won't require much food, if at all. Guthan's plan isn't very efficient.

I would suggest using a broad/emerald (e) setup, start at the beginning with the emerald (e) to poison, then switch to broads after which you can finish the. Each kill is worth roughly 20k or so. I myself do 2 kills each run (using prot and eagle eyes at times) melee occasionally) and then go home port. recharge, pray using the fally portal bank and come back when I am ready so that the next time spawn.

Hey. Everyone is different. Do you really have a "correct" method to kill something? In my opinion, just strike them with the best weapon and gear, while raising the intensity! But I've not killed one. Make sure to eliminate what's hardest and/or the thing that Buy RS Gold irritates you. Why should you keep doing something that is slow?