FIFA 22 Versus seems to be the main event in December in this year's version, but it also postponed the community's expectations for FIFA 22 Freeze and FIFA 22 Futmas.

The event was released in FIFA 22 on Friday, December 10th last week, providing players with 14 major names of Ice and Fire Cheap FIFA 22 Coins versions, including Marcus Rashford, Gabriel Jesus and Adama Traore and others.

FIFA 22 Versus is a one-week event that provides new Ice and Fire cards for a selected group of players. From Friday, December 10th to Monday, December 13th, Fire Card can provide packaging. After that, it will be replaced by an Ice card that lasts until Friday, December 17.

If it were you, would you choose Ice or Fire? In the current FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, the world's best football e-sports game, you will see the ultimate duel of the biggest opponents on the court and enjoy an exciting match for winning and losing. FUT Versus started with the opposing game styles and the most intense matchups in world football, and celebrated the opposing forces in football through special time-limited content in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

In this Ice and Fire comparison, all the cards in the battle provide major upgrades. For example, Gabriel Jesus, his total score for basic items is 83 points. The speed rating is 84 points, with 81 shots and 86 dribbles. And his Versus Fire project raised the OVR to 89, which is a leap that provided 6 attribute points, and the speed was increased to 93, the shooting reached 87 points, and the dribble reached 91 points.

In addition, there is a key difference between skill movements and weak feet. For example, Christian Pulisic is one of the three players in these two projects that have been released through SBC. The skill Buy FUT 22 Coins moves of the Ice element are 5 stars, and the weak foot of the Fire element is also 5 stars.

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