This exciting Winter themed promotion has been a mainstay of Madden Ultimate Team for many years as it has replaced the Ultimate Freeze promo in MUT 18, and growing stronger each year since then.Though it's not yet confirmed yet, we already have a good idea of Mut 22 coins the date you can expect Zero Chill to arrive in MUT 22.

The team has always been adamant about Friday morning drops to coincide with each major promotion in Madden 22 Ultimate Team The team is also predicting that they could kick things off this week or next.

Either way, we'll likely get the program teased in a Wednesday edition of Good Morning Madden, get an official announcement with the majority of the players in the next Thursday's edition of Good Morning Madden, and this will culminate in the program's drop during the Friday dawn. That could put the first drop as early as Dec. 3, 2021, however they've usually waited a bit longer into the month to kick things off thus the most likely date would be to be December 10 2021.

The only thing you can be sure of from Zero Chill or any possible MUT December Promo that's being already announced, is that you'll get new cards in Madden 22 Ultimate Team. These programs usually come with other missions and challenges however, they all revolve around a collection of new cards that players are pushing into their Ultimate Team.

The precise selection of the players that will be included in the program isn't an easy task since it can be wildly different However, Zero Chill has seen a mix of both present and past players within cheap Madden nfl 22 coins the group before. There will likely be a few legends , and perhaps a few modern day players at the very highest levels to even things out and then the rest of the roster will differ depending on what fits each team's roster at the moment.