Grinding Gear Games has deleted the outdated content that has existed for a long time in Path of Exile. This move makes players excited. Compared with some other RPG games, if the developer does this, it will definitely cause complaints from the players. So why would POE be respected for doing so? Players have a greater demand for POE Currency.

This is happening now in Path of Exile, with patch 3.17.0 on January 2022. The system of “Prophecy” expansion will be removed from the game. It is said that the 2016 expansion now feels “outdated” and has been replaced by a new expansion. A series of unique items can now be found “no longer exciting” and completely removed from the game. Other items will be redistributed, and players can get them in different Exalted Orb.

In addition, whether the developer just removes the system or story content from the game will obviously make a big difference. The systems in Path of Exiles are closely related to the concept of “parasitic systems”: When a game adds so many new systems to a game over the years that can be used to further improve your character, they can sometimes become annoying.

The behavior of deleting old content not only reduces the load on players’ devices when the game is running, but also further increases people’s interest in the new Path of Exile activity. As we all know, Path of Exile will hold six grand events in a row this month. If players want them to get better results in the game, they can buy POE Currency at POECurrency to achieve it. Respect!