Soon, New World will receive its December update, as well as a special holiday event. However, before that, Amazon has given up its December tentative update on its public test environment server. It also shared updated patch notes, including more than a dozen new Perks that will be available to players.

In the December patch, 14 new Perks were ranked in the introduction of New World. Perks seems to target several different specific areas. For example, there are several new Perks that can improve collection efficiency, offensive Perks can reduce the New World Gold opponent's healing effect, Perks can increase fully charged attacks or active courage attacks, and Perks that reduce damage from different sources.

Amazon's new Perks range appears to be in response to very specific feedback from New World players. It is often seen that New World players are frustrated with the time required for collection, unable to deal with the treatment in PvP, courage and charge attacks are high-risk and low-reward, or lack the defensive privileges of tanks. These new Perks will provide more in-depth optimization of the equipment of New World players.

Of course, the new Perks is not all in the December patch. The PRT patch notes also detail the changes, including major changes in PvP combat. As lower-level players have higher damage mitigation issues, Amazon rewrote the formula for PvP damage. Many weapons in New World have also been adjusted, or known bugs have been fixed for the December patch.

In addition, New World’s winter fusion event will be the biggest addition in the December update. Players will be able to collect winter tokens throughout the New World Coins event, which can be exchanged for unique cosmetics in the holiday shop. In the process of daily game play, if players are troubled by the lack of New World Coins, they can consider buying legal New World Gold from NewWorldCoins. Their product prices are the lowest.