It's not really a debate. RS Gold can simply post your opinions about the two. Oldschool was 01-07, and newschool starting 08-Now. Discuss how you will adapt to the new style of play (if this is your first return to the school after a break of three years). Also discuss the advantages of the new features. It was overall easy. Overall, it's a lot of enjoyable.

I still enjoy pking now. This is definitely a far cry from oldschool piking. I would wear a coif (looking like an absolute noob). I wore snare, teleblock, and rest sharks. I played it on the next day when wildy came back with a good selection of pure outfits going on and was amazed.

Once you've mastered process, you'll be able to recognize when you should eat. It's a lot more difficult now there are fewer noobs and more people that know about wild animals and other. I had difficulty eating at 20hp. They would food spam me and then attack me. However, today they are able to take me down by grabbing me with their claws.

It's always fun to play and I've got enough money to cover the more than 100k I lose every when I die. Never once did I think "this new game is a f**k". Comon, things change. Be flexible and get used to the changes. I still use the old-school techniques of Pking. I can manage with just 90 distance and 60 attack.

Off topic. I joined a few of my favorite Pkers ccs's after I decided to go back. A lot of people don't have a cc. I was not able to be a part of one of the most inspirational Pkers, which made me an all-natural ranger until. Yankin Deez who I gave 1mil in order to help another pk video. Surprisingly, he is an extremely cool guy. He also added me. It's basically a musician who's a huge fan of Led Zeppelin meets Jimmy Page. Talk about it.

Clans, clans. Clones. That's the most common thing I hear in the office. This, in conjunction with our epic "Clan Celebration Month", is what inspired me to create my own clan. However, I want it to be bigger, bolder, and better than any clan ever established. I am the best!

You are the one who can assist me. I'm in need of YOU! All of you - to join me and sign up. You can join me in stomping on innocents and looting villages in search of gold. If you find that too intense it is possible to enslave clans to do the heavy lifting for us.

Who's with me? Who's going to join us to take the others down? To let me know that you've joined the clan, please post on the sign-up forum thread. We're looking for the maximum number of members to make our mark in the clan world. When I say "make your mark", I mean "stomp into the dust of time".

Even though the idea behind creating a clan is great I believe we'll require a name that is memorable for our clan to be noticed. This is where you can help. Are you able to come up with a fresh name for your clan? Do you have an idea? Share it in the clan name thread. I'm going to be collecting the best clan names from the suggestions thread, and then upload them to an online poll on our Facebook page. The best name will be selected by you all before you all vote. The future is ours.

I'm saving up for my dream armour (currently have around 42 mil) and i want to know what you consider about it. I don't want to hear anything like, "get fire cape", "barrows gloves", "zerker rings (i) or "neitz". I am sure these are better than what i posted, but my goal isnt to get these items. They might be in my future goals, but all these items take a lot of time, are difficult, or just not enough for my time currently. Here's my reasoning behind this armor.

This is a great non-degradable set-up. It's ideal for pvp in secure areas (cw duels, duels etc. ) due to its range defense, slash defence and the strength bonus. The reason I prefer DFSs instead of the d Def is because bandos provides less slash defense than other armors. This helps offset the weak defense, and provides you with an additional str bonus.

I will substitute the damaged region the factor (pc), with the ddef, when training in an area where the damage taken is not a concern (pc). This will result in a 124 slash bonus and 120 str bonus. In str training, I will use the sword.

What do you guys think? do you like it? The most controversial aspect of this armour, is the use of dfs instead the ddef for pvp. I think it can work and i see many high levels use a bandos dfs in lieu of a dfs due to the reasons ive stated above.

Set it up. Dont enter. It is best to camp out of sight. You can choose fire to kill all the Spirtual and Aviansies. Now, grab all the spoils! These include addy bars and clue scrolls, as along with Nex keys, Rune daggers, limbs, Law, Nature, Dragonstones and pure coins (up to 10,916!)

The value of xp is higher than simply killing them regularly. It's also more if you're constantly fighting them. You should keep your ranged bonuses at a high amount for the cannon. While you can ach the daggers and limbs I would rather sell these. You can also remain for a few weeks without finding it boring. Thanks to you, Tcmp3. No copying permitted. This is my personal property. Okay, I've corrected the spelling. Yes, you can utilize the cannon, however, creatures can smash it down.

Why do people dislike farming?

I've noticed that a lot of RS players are not a fan of the Farming Skill, training it exclusively by using tears of Guthix, or for an objective requirement such as Fairy Tale Pt 2. If I ask them why Farming is so boring, they tend to answer "too boring". These claims are not true.

I consider Farming to be one of the least boring skills, as it offers many different ways to practice and also a change in scenery, and the ability to talk in a cc without interrupting the training. It is not taught through repeating the same action repeatedly for hours. Instead, it allows for a longer break between Farming runs so you can choose to do what you want to do.

Slamming Farming is like saying that Slayer cost hundreds of millions. Take a take a look at the costs for Bandos Fury, Potions, Cannonballs and more. Farming offers a wide range of price/xp ratios, making it simple to find a solution that is within your budget. Personally, I don't want to earn rapid XP from Farming as there's nothing else to gain other than a skillcape, so I do rounds of Pineapple and Willow trees, and actually earn more money than I lose.

The best herbs can make a lot of money and still provide a bit of XP. Profitable herbs are ones that aren't botted in Sorceress's Garden. In addition, I always do other daily things to make money while farming that I otherwise wouldn't bother with such as purchasing or collecting things to sell on GE to make making a profit.

These include not finished Broad bolts Battlestaffs and Sand from Bert Flax Geoffrey, Flax, Flax, pure OSRS Power Leveling and Seaweed from Catherby General Store.