In franchise history, Madden 22 will use the Frostbite graphics engine for the first time. Such outstanding performance comes from electronic arts games like FIFA or Star Wars Battlefront. With the help of the new technical architecture, the conference will increase the sense of reality and make these exciting sports enthusiasts enjoy themselves.

Longshot story mode is new content in Madden 22. It is not only exciting but also not long and rewards you with a bunch of lovely free cards to keep your team moving forward. In addition, once you increase your MUT level a bit, it will unlock the chronicle of long-range solo challenges, and you can complete these challenges to earn MUT coins more quickly.

Take advantage of this. Stack the initially low-key players of your team and flip the famous players to get more coins. Later, when you are flooded with coins, you can worry about getting your favorites if you want them. Badges are also a good flip product. If you don't use them yourself, sell them like cards. They usually sell very quickly, and the prices are also high. Working in an auction house is patient. Do not fall below the market price. Be patient, set things more elevated, and buy too expensive items.

The new member of Madden 22 this year is the Weekend League. This year, if you participate in and win one of the weekly knockout tournaments, you will be eligible to participate in the weekend league, where you can participate in up to 25 matches. You will receive a potential reward of tons of coins based on your performance.

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