Amazon Game Studios postponed the December monthly update of New World and the upcoming Winter Convergence seasonal event, but did not disclose the specific time. The update is aimed at overhauling many systems that have been criticized by New World. Handicrafts, PVP, loot tables, etc. are all planned to be redesigned, and a new final game resource called Gypsum will be introduced.

In addition to the update, there is Winter Convergence, which is a festive event where ice caves and winter villages appear in Aeternum. There are 7 new missions at levels 25-60 to reward players with time-limited New World Gold. This is the first major event of Winter Convergence. But even the now postponed December update is not completely free.

New World started well, but over time, with each update, Amazon has accumulated more and more hostility among the player base. In particular, the update at the beginning of this month is full of unexpected production and weakening of Cheap New World Coins collection, which means that compared to players who have played before, New World is much more difficult to upgrade.

New World has been crashing, losing nearly 70% of its players in the first month. The server merger is already in progress, and the Mardi and Brittia servers will be merged on December 8. In the future, New World may continue to be tested by players. Finally, players who want to buy New World Gold can choose IGGM.