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    What's interesting about it is that different people see it differently. Some people see a platypus, some people see a frog, and some people see this strange human. It started from the monogram. I learned a lot about myself as a photographer. I think it's interesting what can come out of obstacles that are put in front of you. Zhang already has well - recorded form as an exciting young...
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    7 MONCLER FRAGMENT HIROSHI FUJIWARA acts as a crossover collaboration, taking the core outerwear foundations that have become Moncler's signature, and tweaking them with Hiroshi's vintage, military, urban, and tech references. As if to underscore his remote status the designer imprinted the home address of Moncler on Milan's Moncler Jackets Via Stendhal (they have the best staff buffet), which...
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    In the second quarter, revenue in the APAC region recorded double - digit growth compared with Q2 2019 mainly driven by the Chinese mainland, where revenue almost doubled compared to Q2 2019. Performance was also driven by Korea, with strong double - digit growth compared to the same period in 2019. I like extreme conditions. Inviting the likes of Palm Angels and Craig Green to the table, each...
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